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6 Reasons Why You Should Share Knowledge as an Expert

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

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Expertise and knowledge are very precious. They are acquired through experience and hard work, and above all, become what sets you apart from the rest.

But are you using these to their full potential and leveraging what you store in your mind to enrich your professional journey?

Expert Networks allow you to use your expertise to serve as a professional advisor on various projects. From a private equity investment due diligence process to strategic corporate research, expert advisors are extremely sought after.

We are living in an era where information is everywhere, but this overflow makes it even more difficult to filter through and find precise and accurate insight. The best way to deliver is via obtaining knowledge and real experience, which is not often easily accessible. This scarcity is what makes it so attractive to our clients.

But why should professionals share the knowledge they have worked so hard to obtain?

To answer this question, here are some of our top reasons highlighting why you should share your knowledge as an expert.

6 Reasons Why You Should Share Knowledge as an Expert

1. Additional income

earn income as an expert

The first advantage on our list is often the most enticing for experts, and justifiably so! Experience and business knowledge are often acquired over several years of hard work and devotion, with these years often amounting to a significant proportion of one's life. Experts need to be able to capitalize on this expertise accumulated over the years, with all its specificity and intricacy.

Whether you’re self-employed or part of an organisation, your industry knowledge is what you trade for your salary and this isn’t any different with Expert Networks. We pay for your expertise, and at an ample rate relative to the time commitment, outlining our advantage extremely well.

Sharing your knowledge as an expert will provide you with additional income whilst still doing your day job. You won’t have to search for assignments or advertise yourself to clients, the Expert Network will come directly to you when your particular expertise is needed. Most of the time there won’t be any additional work to prepare, it’s all about your experience and providing guidance to clients not as familiar with the specific topics of the project as you are.

2. Change from your routine

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Who doesn’t like a little change every now and then! Expert Network projects enable experts to add some variety to their professional lives. We work on a large array of issues and topics, from start-up screening and Venture Capital due diligence, Private Equity investment decisions and corporate mergers & acquisitions, to even digital change management.

The diversity of projects we work on is limitless!

As an expert advisor, you will take part in these projects and advise using your industry expertise perhaps to provide feedback, review practices, or provide guidance to top-level institutions. This makes participating in these projects very interesting and a perfect diversification of your usual work.

You can find examples of projects we have worked on in our case studies here.

3. Keeping up with your industry

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Participating in expert consultations with an Expert Network can be a great way to stay aware of what’s currently happening in your industry. Of course, you are undoubtedly already familiar with the latest developments in the sector and it’s what makes you an expert, but being involved with Expert Networks provides an external view which can often be very refreshing.

You could find out what the latest interests from investors are, and the most complex questions raised by strategy researchers. It can help you understand how your space is perceived and whether there’s an attraction driving outside players to be involved and make contact.

Sometimes it can be an excellent way to advertise your industry and raise awareness on a sector that is currently rather dormant or is lacking interest from outside actors.

4. New opportunities

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Some Expert Networks only provide short term connections whilst others arrange tailored solutions for their clients.

At LB Networks, we like to help our clients as much as we can by providing expert advisors who can meet their needs, whatever the format might be. We organise consultation calls, workshops, placements and executive recruitment.

This translates into a constant creation of opportunities for experts engaging with our clients. After a one-hour consultation call, there is often an opportunity to participate in a half-day workshop further down the line to delve deeper into the project, and sometimes even a placement as an advisor for a few months.

Engaging with Expert Networks can also uncover longer-term opportunities such as job opportunities or board memberships.

Adding a new channel of opportunities is always a great way to develop your career, or simply acquire additional experience, which brings us to our next point.

5. Experience, visibility and thought leadership

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The variety of strategic projects you engage with through Expert Networks are a fantastic way to build experience as an advisor, and allow you to strengthen your industry expert reputation. It can help you create a strong personal brand and expand your professional profile visibility in your space, hence driving up your value as a professional.

Expert Networks love to provide access to the best industry experts available

(it’s our job!) and we want to do it as best we can. So, personal branding is important when our teams are searching for the best advisors, and having been involved in similar advisory projects in the past is definitely a great plus. You guessed it, the more open you are to participating in projects, the more opportunities you will have!

6. Networking

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Our last advantage is networking. As professionals who rely on playing with professional networks every day, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of building a strong network.

Being part of Expert Networks and advising our clients will allow you to connect with top-level professionals in various industries, of course including your own, but also with investment managers, strategy consultants or corporate executives.

Expanding our professional networks is also a common goal for each party involved, so the connection is straightforward and the discussion easy to start.

So, if these advantages sound appealing and you are ready to try out advising on your industry and sharing your knowledge, let’s connect here and we will be in touch!

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