• Jean-Philippe Tessier

5 reasons why Boutique Consultancies should use Boutique Expert Networks

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

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Using Expert Networks is a practice that is totally integrated into the processes of large Consultancies. In fact, they are the biggest consumers of phone consultations to date.

For these firms who compete for the big tenders on the market, the speed at which they can get profiles, and the volume, are the key factors. The logic of competition encourages them to invest massively in such "occasional recruitment” services in order to stay one step ahead of their peers, or at least not be left behind.

Winning a tender can be compared to winning a beauty contest: you have to show off. In this case, it is key to display knowledge, know-how, and connections; and whoever does not have access to Expert Networks loses the game.

As one can expect, large firms, therefore, turn to large Expert Network providers which have capitalized on their databases and are able to provide a large volume of profiles in a short time. As usual, companies of similar sizes work together because their practices coincide.

But what about smaller Consultancies? The format mentioned above is unsuitable for them, for several reasons: cost and volume of subscriptions, lack of precision of profiles from databases, poor supply on niche markets (to both sectoral and geographic), lack of flexibility on consultation formats and payment methods, etc. Alongside this, many are not aware of the Expert Network offer and develop their own networks, trying to gather expertise with their own means.

Fortunately, there is now an Expert Network offer adapted to these Boutique Consultancies. And as you may have already guessed, this offer comes from structures of a similar size who are more flexible and at the same time more specialized -like LB Networks.

So, here are 5 reasons why Boutique Consultancies should be working with Boutique Expert Networks (BEN).

1. The best experts will win you tenders

expert for tenders

As with the top tier, tenders are above all a contest in which each firm is judged on its ability to mobilize various resources. In a context where many players do not yet have access to Expert Network services, this can become a decisive advantage for a reasonable cost. Think about it: one call with the right individual will cost you about £750 and could be a game-changer.

And once you get the assignment, you can continue collaborating with the profiles you liked via workshops or short-term placements.

2. Capitalise on your new contacts and extend your network

Expert network

The period during which consultations with an expert introduced by your supplier is invoiced will not exceed 24 months. Once this period expires, the profile is “released” by the supplier and you can collaborate as you wish.

The initial consultation will, therefore, have been useful for the current project, but also for the future. Who doesn't love synergies?

3. The Boutique Expert Networks adapt to your needs

Do you only need about ten consultation calls a year? Do you prefer 30-minute consultations? Do you want to smooth the cost of your subscription over 12 months? All of these options become possible with a supplier who has the same concerns as you. The allocation of consultation costs to each project also remains possible by opting for a pay-as-you-go billing.

4. Let the pros do it and optimize your teams' efficiency

team work

Many Boutique Consultancies ask their collaborators to look for expert profiles themselves, doing the work of Expert Networks internally.

In our opinion, this is a mistake. Your consultants do not have the required recruitment skills or the appropriate tools. If not on a mission, they will be more useful in finding deals, creating content for

your communication media, exchanging with your customers, developing their knowledge, etc. By entrusting your expert research to pros who do just that, you will get much better and faster results.

5. Have access to much better profiles even on niche markets

targeted expertise

The Boutique Expert Networks compensate for their relatively compact databases with intense work of direct approach. The result - a selection of profiles more precise and more adapted to your needs, and a subsequent stronger interaction with the selected experts. BENs are also used to looking for profiles in niche markets where fewer experts are available.

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