• Armelle Lee

5 Advantages of Holding an Expert Workshop

Updated: May 15, 2020

Expert workshop

Expert Networks are increasingly playing a key part in the research process within both the investment and corporate spheres, as companies increasingly realise that for every business challenge, there is the right expert out there to help them deliver.

You may now be deciding with your team… which form of interaction will suit our project best? Expert Networks are mostly associated with consultation calls, however, there’s another format that’s just as attractive to companies: The Workshop.

Holding an Expert Workshop can be an excellent way to collaborate with an expert to assist on your project. It will allow you access to a top profile for the day where together, you can really dig deep into the complicated points you just need to get right. You can explore items in depth with your whole team to develop multiple perspectives. Of course, the future prospects must also be mentioned. A workshop will serve as a brilliant networking opportunity and a great starting point for further collaboration in the future.

So, let's delve deeper into the top 5 advantages we recognize holding an Expert Workshop can bring to your mission for you to bear in mind when making your decision.

1. Explore in depth and detail

expert research

Seemingly obvious, a Workshop will last longer than a 30 to 60-minute call. More time means asking more questions, developing a greater understanding and being able to make the most of the expert’s unique knowledge.

If you need the time to discuss complex models, analyse quantitative work or get to grips with the technicals, then a Workshop is definitely worth considering.

The expert will be able to explain things visually and walk and talk you through processes. The undivided attention of the expert will be yours, and this way your selected expert will have the chance to develop a full, in-depth understanding of your project. They will be able to tailor their expertise, right down towards the specifics of your project.

2. In addition to a call

expert network reunion

Holding an Expert Workshop may seem like the natural next step, following an initial consultation call with the expert. Whether they signposted you to some further case studies or brought to the table a particular issue you just hadn’t thought through yet, a Workshop will provide the perfect opportunity to explore things further.

You’ll be able to explore fresh ideas and solve problems under the guiding hand of a top-level professional, and you’ll also have the chance to ask those questions you didn't quite have the opportunity to ask. A Workshop serves as the perfect follow up, and for those fast-changing projects in volatile industries, why not organise a Workshop at a later stage further down the project timeline to ensure you possess the most appropriate and up-to-date insight?

3. Enhance team engagement

team of experts

Naturally, a Workshop unlocks the potential for team collaboration on your project. Face to face interaction with experts will spur conversation and will be a perfect learning opportunity for your team. You’ll be able to make sure that everyone is on the same page and can ask all the necessary questions and perhaps someone will raise something

you completely didn't think of!

You’ll have the time needed to think creatively together and for multiple perspectives to emerge. The whole team can participate and contribute, so a Workshop will no doubt ensure that nothing is overlooked and that every potential avenue is explored.

4. Involving your stakeholders

A Workshop is a sure-fire way for a consultancy to impress a client, or for investment management firms to engage their portfolio companies.

For consultancies, impressing your client and building trust is essential for a successful project. Why not invite your client to attend the Workshop to highlight the key aspects of your project and get them up to scratch with what your team has accomplished thus far? Perhaps you are trying to win a new tender or contract opportunity… Here you could host a bespoke multi-Expert Workshop to display to your client the wealth of knowledge and expertise you have access to.

For investment firms, how about hosting Workshops to engage your portfolio companies? Inviting your portfolio company executives to attend an Expert Workshop can be a great way to help develop a growth strategy or structuring a different management plan.

5. Nurture long-lasting relationships

expert network

Finally, you’ll be able to make the most of the occasion with some good old Networking. Face to Face interaction will allow for a solid rapport to form between you and the expert. Perhaps the expert will be able to share a recommendation of colleagues to add value to your project, or perhaps put you in touch with someone, leading to future business opportunities for you and your company?

If a similar project arises in the future, wouldn't it be nice to have an existing relationship already forged with an expert in the field?

So, an Expert Workshop, what are you waiting for? Here at LB Networks, we can facilitate Workshops for you and your team. Leave it to us and our sourcing process will guarantee the best fit for your project to ensure its success. Whether it's simply to consolidate and expand on what has been covered in a previous call, or as a first interaction to get straight into exploring the nuance and complexity of your project, a Workshop will surely help your project in moving forward for you to deliver great results!

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