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The most relevant and accurate information is not available in classic sources but comes from the experience of specific individuals.

We are here to help our clients have access to this information and to uncover key knowledge by sourcing the best industry experts for consultations. To do this, we have developed our Agile Multichannel Sourcing solution, leveraging data and direct sourcing through several channels to have access to a precious diversity of profiles around the globe.


Our approach to expert network services is flexible. Clients are at the centre of the process, ensuring tailored collaborations and fluid communication.

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How we work

Step #1

You tell us what field you want to investigate​

Step #4

We come back to you within 48 hours with a list of available experts

Step #2

We map out the industry

Step #5

Once you decide who is of interest, we organise phone meetings within hours

Step #3

We run interviews to make sure our experts fit your needs 

Step #6

We follow up for feedback

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Case Studies

Commercial Perspectives in Biotechnologies

A UK based Private Equity firm was looking to invest in a biotechnology company in the US, which had patented a new molecule to treat a very widely spread stomach condition. They wanted to assess the commercial viability of this new product and the potential threat from competition.


LB Networks organised a series of 15 calls with both senior individuals with relevant biotech experience and doctors, including: 

  • Ex Senior Vice President Business Development at a comparable player in the market.

  • Ex Head of Sales at a leading pharmaceutical company.

  • Several doctors specialised in gastric diseases.


Our client was able to build an opinion on:

  • The Go-to-Market strategy to adopt versus similar products.

  • The risks linked to potential competition.

  • The growth perspectives based on practitioners feedback.

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