Terms and Conditions for Experts

LB Networks Terms and Conditions for Industry Experts

Last Updated February 2020



Your participation as an Industry Expert in any Interview through LBN Consultants Ltd is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. 

As used herein, the terms “we”, “us” and “LB Networks” means LBN Consultants Ltd. “Client” signifies any party who engages LB Networks on a project to source and organize an interview with an Industry Expert.

This is a legally binding agreement.




LB Networks is an expert network firm and organizes Consultations and Engagements between its Clients, who are investors, consultants, banks, and corporates, and expert in-industry professionals (“Experts”). During these consultations and engagements, the Experts give perspectives and information regarding sectors, companies and products which assist LB Networks Clients in their business decision making processes. 


Employment Obligations   


If you are an employee or director of a company, you will not discuss or disclose any non-public information about that company. You will not provide any confidential information relating to any company of which you are an employee, officer, director or contractor, agent, legal representative, partner, joint venturer or affiliate. You confirm you are not restricted to engage in an Interview or an Engagement. If you are an auditor or a former auditor, you will not comment on any company you have audited in the three (3) years prior to the Consultation. If you have worked in the accounting or finance department of a company within the last year, you will not discuss accounting or financial issues relating to that company or its affiliates.


Healthcare Professionals    


You represent, warrant and undertake that you will inform LB Networks if you are currently involved with any clinical trial or test or have been so involved where the results of such trial or test have not been publicly disclosed. If you are a medical professional, you will not discuss unpublished clinical trial results, patient experience information or any other information regarding trials that is not yet public. 




You will not use for any purpose or disclose to any third party any confidential information disclosed to you before, during or after an Interview including without limitation the identity of Client engaged in the Interview, the subject matter or any questions asked during an Interview, any information shared and any rates agreed by you with LB Networks if applicable. You will not disclose any confidential information or any material non-public information regarding a company, security or instrument that is quoted. You shall not use confidential information for personal benefit, including for the purpose of making investment or trading decisions. The duty to maintain confidentiality shall survive until the confidential information becomes generally known to and available for use by the public other than as a result of a disclosure by you or any other person under legal obligation not to disclose the information. You agree that a breach of the above terms regarding confidential information may cause irreparable harm to LB Networks and/or its Client and that damages would not be a sufficient remedy in respect of such breach.



You agree that for a period of one year from the introduction to a Client by LB Networks, you will not circumvent LB Networks by knowingly soliciting, negotiating with, or entering into any agreement or other arrangement (whether written or oral) with a Client first introduced to you by us pursuant to which you may be engaged by such Client to provide services of a similar nature to the services Experts provide to LB Networks’ Clients without our prior written consent. This does not apply to the extent that you have a proven pre-existing relationship or association, based on past work performed. If you notify LB Networks of such pre-existing relationship when a Client is proposed to you, LB Networks imposes no restrictions with regard to this Client. LB Networks will not restrict you from accepting an offer of employment from one of its Clients.


Data Protection


You have read and agree to LB Networks’ Privacy Policy which is at https://www.lbnetworksglobal.com/privacy-policy. You consent for the recording for compliance purposes of calls with LB Networks clients (certain calls may be recorded). You agree, to the extent permitted by applicable law, that such recordings may be submitted in evidence in any proceedings.


Third Parties


The parties confirm their intent not to confer any rights on any third parties by virtue of the Agreement. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (“Third Party Rights Act”) shall not apply.