Our Compliance Framework


At LB Networks we take compliance as an essential part of our activity. Our compliance processes and protocols help industry experts and advisers avoid conflicts and enable our clients to match their own protocols. Should you have any questions or want to learn more about our compliance framework, please email contact@lbnetworksglobal.com or call +44 (0)20 3287 9467.

We can proudly say that 100% of the projects we have worked on have matched the compliance requirements of our clients.


For Experts and Advisers

Terms and Conditions

In order to be eligible to be involved in a project and consult with our clients, LB Networks requires Experts and Advisers to sign our Terms and Conditions. By signing, they agree that they:

  • Have reviewed any agreements or policies to which they are subject.

  • Will decline to participate in any project that would violate those agreements or any obligations they may owe to third parties.

  • Will not provide confidential (including material non-public) information to clients.

  • Will keep client interests and information confidential.

  • Will immediately terminate any consulting projects that move into subject matters they cannot discuss (in which case, if they notify us, we’ll pay them for the time they set aside).

Conflict Management

Every project we work on is related to a very specific topic, and it is indeed understood that Experts and Advisers could possibly encounter conflicts of interest. That is why, at LB Networks, we ask Profile Questions in direct connection with projects, which help us determine whether experts have the requisite knowledge to provide insight to clients, and to understand the experts’ conflicts and limitations. This process gives us unparalleled information on expert abilities and conflicts and enables us to automatically disqualify the experts who are not suitable and put forward the ones who are completely able to consult.


For Clients

The compliance (or other) department of our clients may wish to review the professional biography of an expert for a potential engagement prior to this taking place. LB Networks will send a profile summary of the proposed expert to the relevant department of our clients to enable them to pre-approve consultations. This profile will include their biography, industry experience, and responses to the key profiling questions mentioned above. Our clients then have the opportunity to ask any further questions or clarifications where required to LB Networks which we will refer to the expert for answers before the engagement can go ahead. On receipt of any further required information, our client can then approve the engagement, decline, or to ask for an alternative expert or adviser if necessary. Clients can also elect for certain categories of experts to be excluded from the search conducted by LB Networks to ensure that the type of profile researched matches with their specific compliance requirements.


For Employers

LB Networks recognises that employees of companies should be treated differently than independent consultants. Of course, employed experts are prohibited from participating in projects where a conflict may arise. LB Networks proactively reaches out to companies and reviews the current publicly available corporate policies to find out if they have policies against outside consulting. Through this process, LB Networks has developed a database of employer preferences which facilitates consultations only where it is permitted by organisations' corporate policies. If you are an organisation and employer and would like to inform us of any policies you have regarding outside consulting, please feel free to do so by emailing us at contact@lbnetworksglobal.com.